My name is David Lopez and I work hard to make money online though doing so is not always easy. I got into this business because I saw an emerging trend in the world. People are no longer looking for physical market places to buy goods and services. Instead, they all want to work from the convenience of their homes and so do I. Think about it, over 3 billion people use the internet in today’s world and the number keeps on growing. I had to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity though doing so was not easy at first. Here are some of the strategies I use to make money. You should try them as well.

I make some money through Google AdSense.

I write a blog on various subjects mostly connected to business and health issues. These articles attract many people to my website because I always use the right keywords in addition to tackling controversial topics that everyone wants to read. I have space on my website for advertisements from Google on various products and services mostly related to what I write. Google pays me a small amount for every click someone makes on these advertisements while he is on my website. The Cost Per Click may be small, but the number of clicks I get makes the money worthwhile.

I also have others ways of making money online.

I also try to make some money through online surveys where I fill in a questionnaire for a particular company in exchange for payment. I have also tried affiliate marketing. Here I just allow a banner on my website that sells a particular product. The company selling that product pays me if someone clicks on the banner on my page and then buys the product.

These are all the strategies I use to make money online, but I am still looking for more because one can never make too much money. If you need any advice on how you can make money like me, then please contact me. If you have any ideas you would like to share with me, then please let me know as well.